SKI India Winter wonderland


Skii India

Thuglife and Weedy at the Skating Rink

Winter Is Coming!” is not a phrase to be used in Noida anymore! Because winter has permanently arrived at Ski India, DLF Mall of India! At the top floor of this mall, lies a Winter wonderland, complete with blizzards, yeti, snow storms, tyre rides, ice skating, skiing and every excuse for a snow fight! Right from the moment you enter inside, the excitement sets in with chills that have you running around for some warmth and action! The tyre rides were our hoot Weedy’s favorite, while Thuglife preferred having warm tea!
This place is a must visit for a random outing with friends, a playful afternoon with your family or a bit of adrenaline! 

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  1. Have always wanted to visit this place but Noida being too far from my place, I haven’t been able to visit DLF Mall of India even once. Looks like I really need to take out time for SKI as I’ve been hearing a lot about it.

    • You should definetely plan to visit with yor friends or family! It will be fun.. and it’s very close to the blue line of metro, sector 18 station.


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