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Hashtag was in trouble. Big Big Trouble. You can’t just walk away from having made no plans for Valentine’s what-so-ever especially when after years of Long Distance Relationship, you get to be together in the same city over Valentine’s. Chameli on the other hand was not really the cheesy kind, but no matter how understanding or geeky a girl might be, Valentine’s Plans are non-negotiable.

So yeah, Hashtag was in big big trouble. He was desperately looking up for places, wondering where they might have a perfect, first of its kind Close Distance Relationship Date! It had to be someplace with spectacular food, romantic vibes and a Classy appeal.

He found all of that and much more at Vapour Brew Pub! They have a few tit bits from their experience to share, Hashtag Says –

Do not hesitate and ask for the beer samples before ordering. Because some of these flavours are not to be missed at all. My favourites were blonde, indian pale ale, americano and apple cider!

Chameli adds –

Amongst the mocktails, i really digged the mango queen and virgin mojito. The appetizers were out of this world amazing, a winning streak of perfection maintained while trying chicken 65, dahi ke shole, hyderabadi chicken tikka and ragda rigme kulche (strongly recommended)!The Rosemary chicken pasta was a FLAVOR not to be missed either.

This place deserves a 5/5 rating, courtesy it’s splendid service, comfortable seating arrangements, excellent quality food with a hint of modern gastronomic innovation and brilliant overall experience ? So what’s your perfect dream date gonna be like?!

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