Things you’ll relate to if you love Chocolate

Chocolate, such a fancied term. Ever thought of how so much of chocolate is prepared around the world and you are stuck with a bar *sob sob* , let’s see if you are a true chocolate lover:

1. You know chocolate can fix anything, sadness,broken hearts, failures;It’s like a magical addictive drug for your heart.chocolate2. You see people choosing fruit flavors when it comes to desserts, but you? Only Chocolate please!chocolate memes

3. You know chocolate is not just chocolate, it’s a variety in itself. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, cookie chocolate, caramel chocolate, almond chocolate, sea salt chocolate, you just name it and it’s there!

4. Everything tastes better with a chocolate, milk, ice cream, shake, cake, nuts; oh you know what I mean!
chocolate memes
5. It’s always a good time to have a chocolate, it’s not just a dessert. Chocolate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, oh just stop looking at the clock now! It can be a salad for all you know.
chocolate is salad

6. People around you know your obsession with chocolate and they bring you chocolates now and then just to see you jumping ridiculously with joy.chocolate love

  1. For you, sharing a chocolate is a sin. You’ll go to any extent to save your chocolate from them hungry monsters.chocolate threats
  2. You get highly alert when someone around you opens a pack of chocolate and silently wait for them to ask or maybe just grab some yourself! Don’t be rude, it’s chocolate! You have zero self control.chocolate
  3. You think that chocolate on my finger is a waste, nope, no, noi, never! You’re gonna lick until you have perfectly smooth skin and wrapper!chocolate love
  4. Even the smell of chocolate can get you in a good ass mood.chocolate smell
  5. When you enter a super market, you make sure chocolate is there in your basket.secret ingredient
  6.  You get a stock of chocolates on your birthday; your obsession cannot be hidden.
  7.  Last but not the least, chocolate is not just a sweet, it’s an emotion, a blast of happiness in your mouth and you just can’t have enough! It’s a way to your heart. <3
    Everyone loves chocolate, but you are obsessed! chocolate love
    Like, Share and Comment if you love chocolate too and let your chocolate lovers know that they are not alone. Keep on hooting!Babloo in Love with chocolate

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