The Dessertarian Festival 2016

Dessertarian Festival

The Dessertarian Festival

Dessertarian FestivalA Sweet Spring delight! This festival was sensational, stretched throughout the length of the day and lasted 3 days! Set underneath a colorful canopy, the central seating area was where the live performances were held and about 30 stalls surrounded it, each standing out in its own unique manner.

Our absolute favorite was the Banta bar that fused the concept of banta andBanta Bar fruity mock tails to give some unique sodas. Miss Bong really digged the blueberry banta, which had sweet blueberries spiked with tangy lemon and masala, to bring out the delicate flavors of each in this concoction! Other flavors that our hoots tried were kiwi and fruit punch, both equally refreshing and unique!Salted caramel thick shake


Moving on forward, another favorite from our Thuglife’s list has to be the salted caramel shake served by The Sweet Jar! Thuglife cannot take in a lot of sweet at once, this thick shake however was custom made for his taste buds! Salted popcorns blended into sweet milkshake and topped with cream! A match made in heaven, he claims! This shake was a visual delight and took about fifteen minutes for the team to prepare! The amount of effort it took to make it look this amazing goes to show how passionate people in the food industry are about what they put to the table.

Other sugary delights we tasted included choco strawberry and blueberry waffles at Wafflesome

blueberry wafflesletzroll

and fresh Watermelon Nitrogen Ice cream from Letzroll.

Apart from these, other dishes served included Chicken Biryani by Kuremal Biryaniwaala straight from the streets of Chawri bazaar

biryanisev puri

and Mubai central’s tangy and spicy Sev puri!

The sweetest bit however was that all the food we had there barely costed us around 1000 Rs for two people only! This has got to be one of the best food festivals we attended, in terms of range of food (from mango kulfi to tiramisu), ambiance ( Hot crowd, check 😉 ), pocket- friendly (rare, right?) and of course, the taste!

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    • Yes, it came all the way from Chandni Chowk! Most famous of all is their mango kulfi served inside a mango! Biryani was great too!


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