We’ve compiled some of the best Delivery options we tried this month in our very own – NOIDA!

Let our hoots take you through the solution to your Hangry days,  every last minute Flat-party/slumber night plan and some of the tastiest food we’ve found this month in….. *drum rolls*…. NOIDA!!!!


So Chameli celebrated her birthday night in the hostel by ordering from this random place she found, hoping she wouldn’t be disappointed! But Haandiwalathe moment she opened the delivery bag, she was amazed to find several Haandi’s like these weighing it down! These were sealed together using baked dough in old traditional style, something she had seen only in her childhood.

Then when she opened up one haandi after the other, she was taken away to another place, Awadh was it? or Punjab? She couldn’t decide.

THH- HaandiPaneer Biryani

Paneer Biryani!?! Tried for the very first time ever and fell in love with! This is one of those unique dishes you rarely ever find in vegetarian (as it is limited) menu. Next we tried the most unique items in the menu, Podhina Tulsi ka Murgh, Chole Punjab Ke and Zaffran ka Paneer Tikka!

Podhina Tulsi ka Murgh   Chole Punjab ke   Paneer Tikka

KheerPudhina Tulsi ka murgh is a flavour i haven’t had the pleasure of trying anywhere before and i’ll strongly recommend it.  Punjab ke chole were spicy, strong with the ginger and certainly cooked in raw spices. Paneer tikka was well marinated and cooked to perfection. But the beautiful surprise that came later was packed in a smaller Haandi, Matake ki Kheer! This indian dessert tastes even better when cooked or served in a Haandi, taking its earthy flavors from the pot!

Order from Haandiwala here.


2. Biryani Art


One of the best Delivery options present in Sector 63 Noida. This place offers some really delicious food at incredible prices and with portion sizes large enough for two people per dish! We’d strongly recommend that you try their Butter chicken, Butter Paneer, Chicken 65 (south indian flavors, spicy and delicious), Paneer 65, Hyderabadi Chicken Lollipop and Keema Biryani! Look at Babloo, all happy at finding such amazing service near his home!

Paneer 65Hyderabadi Chicken Lollipop

Order from Biryan Art, Noida here.

3. Let’s Burp

Let’s Burp! Indeed! This place promised some great food and delivered it to the doorstep too! I love How four curries Chameli ordered sufficed for about 6 people at home!

Let's Burp deliveryLet's Burp

She ordered Matar Mushroom, Chana Masala, Paneer Butter Masala and Dal Makhni! And loved each of it! Along with it came a choice of Appetizers like soup, Noddles and Rice, Biryanis, Chinese, some fifteen bread options (roughly) ranging from alu pyaaz stuffed naan to pudhina paratha and desserts to top it! Funnily enough, they also deliver Milk, bread, condoms and cigarettes! Way to go, you really do have it all, Don’t yaa 😉

Order from Let’s Burp here.

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