Monday, February 17, 2020

Events in NCR

The Angel’s Kitchen

What’s Cooking?! sniff sniff…. ummmm…Chocolate!!!   Did some one say there is a Chocotella Festival in town?! Chocolate and Nutella on Everything! (Read: “Your Prayers have been answered!”) Well, your sinful dreams have come true! The Hungry Hoots bring to you some of the most delicious items that will be part the menu at The […]


India International Pet Trade Fair India International Pet Trade Fair 2017 was held at Expo centre, sector 62, Noida. The Biggest pet fair show in south asia, this unique event brings together pet lovers, pet pertinent service providers, and even pet adoption booths! A dog show where you could just freestyle dance with your pets, […]

The Dessertarian Festival 2016

The Dessertarian Festival A Sweet Spring delight! This festival was sensational, stretched throughout the length of┬áthe day and lasted 3 days! Set underneath a colorful canopy, the central seating area was where the live performances were held and about 30 stalls surrounded it, each standing out in its own unique manner. Our absolute favorite was […]

SKI India Winter wonderland

Skii India “Winter Is Coming!” is not a phrase to be used in Noida anymore! Because winter has permanently arrived at Ski India, DLF Mall of India! At the top floor of this mall, lies a Winter wonderland, complete with blizzards, yeti, snow storms, tyre rides, ice skating, skiing and every excuse for a snow […]